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Sims Tree
Health Specialists, Inc.

Dedicated to the preservation, education, improved
health, & safety of trees. 
Providing California's Urban Forests with premium healthcare since 1972!

Pests can do a real number on your precious tree's health. Some destroying your tree's beautiful aesthetic and others bringing fatal disease with them. Your Sims Arborist will create a treatment plan specific to your tree to help keep it in the best shape to fight off these pesky creatures. 

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Working alongside Mother Nature, we utilize her best natural line of defence against pest & disease. Customized treatment plans can include beneficial insects (i.e. Lady Beetles & Lacewings), beneficial fungus, soaps, horticultural oils, & soil biologicals. 

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We all love the beauty the trees bring to our lives, but we may not have that same love with their messy fruit. We offer a variety of treatment options to limit the growth of fruit on trees. 

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82% of California is currently experiencing severe drought. Treatments help increase the tree's water retention, helping to reduce its need for water & your water bill. During times of water reduction mandates, treatments can also keep you in compliance. 

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Need a deeper dive into the health & safety of your tree? Or perhaps you need to know how to protect your tree during contruction? We've got you covered. Sims offers a variety of different types of reports to include the information that is important to you. 

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Sims THS is proud to sponsor Sims Tree Learning Center (TLC), a 6-acre arboretum and botanical gardens serving as a research and education center that offers educational tours of the various gardens that include a tropical conservatory and one of the largest palm tree collections in the Inland Empire. 

I have mature pine trees that had been infected with some sort of insect. They came out and treated the trees and the ground around the trees. They are an excellent service. I've been using them for years. It looks like they have fixed the problem, the trees were starting to die. They were dropping sap, which has stopped, and they have stopped dropping needles. They are an extremely knowledgable company with all sorts of trees. They are the only people I turn to whenever I need any work on my trees.

David M. from Redlands, CA


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