Here at Sims, we provide tree health care from the top of the canopy to the tip of the roots. 

Interested in Tree Trimmers?

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like more information, please let us know.

Topical Sprays

Topical sprays can provide straight to the source treatment, allowing for faster results.

Air Spade Procedures

Air spades can be used to perform a variety of services such as air trenching and root crown excavations (Pictured above). It can allow the arborist to gain a more in-depth look at your trees underground structure or provide relief from hard and compacted soils.

Soil Injections

Injections, such as soil, trunk, and root injections, can help your tree fight from the inside out and can allow for longer periods of protection.


We provide a wide variety of organic treatments that include beneficial insects, (such as the green lacewing larvae, shown above) fungus, soaps, horticultural oils, and soil biologicals. 

Tree Value and Risk Assessment

MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES! Sort of. Healthy mature trees can add up to 20% to the monetary value of your home. Sims can determine how much value your trees bring to your landscape. We can also determine if your trees pose any risks to its surrounding environment.  

Tree Surveys and Reports

Sims can provide you with a "Snapshot in time" of your trees. This includes GPS markings of each individual tree, online satellite access to your tree map, and a printed version of your map. It also includes a written report with measurements and arborist comments of each tree.