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Olive Fruit Suppression

Extending the Olive Branch 

The Olive tree symbolizes a future of peace, prosperity, and wellness.

But sometimes, the Olive extends its branch too far, and one is overwhelmed by the fruitfulness!


“Beware the Ides of March!”

The Soothsayer forewarned a much grislier circumstance, but March is usually when your Olive tree in the front yard drops its fruit, making a treacherous mess of the driveway! 

Though it isn’t quite March, the tree has green, round bulbs that are about to open their flowers.

Wisdom beseeches you to heed the Soothsayer’s warning.

Wisely, you called the ISA Certified Arborists at Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc. They’ll be there on Tuesday with the appropriate Olive fruit suppression treatment!

Olive Tree


What is Olive Fruit Suppression?

Olive fruit suppression is a treatment application process to prevent fruit formation in Olive trees during their bloom season, typically from March through April. 

Olive fruit suppression is a suppression, not an elimination of the fruiting. Treatments cannot be guaranteed as Nature (or life) forever finds a way.

Even though it’s said they are alternate-bearing, Olive trees will always bear fruit, if left untreated. Fallen fruit can stain driveways and cars, endangering pedestrians as the ground becomes slippery! 


Be On Time

A successful Olive fruit suppression is dependent on timing. Communicating openly with your trusted ISA Certified Arborist at Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc. about your tree’s flowering progression will help ensure service is scheduled in time.

Trees can be in different flowering stages. A combination of products can be used simultaneously, increasing the likelihood of the olive fruit being suppressed. 

The earlier in the flowering stages that olive fruit suppression is performed, the better the results! It is best to give Sims THS a call when your flower stages are between b1 - 2. See the graph below for reference. 

olive fruit stages

Stages 7 – 10 are the last stages where any olive fruit suppression treatment has its highest success rate. 

It’s normal for trees to have some yellowing after treatment. Alleviate stress after olive fruit suppression by keeping trees well-watered before and after service.


Be the First on Your Block

Stop your neighbor’s complaining before it starts! Treatments can start as early as Stage b1.  

Flowers turn into fruit. Once flowers begin to drop, so do the chances of preventing fruit from growing.

Remember: some protection is better than no protection. Having olive fruit suppression treatments done even when more flowers are on the ground than on the tree is better than no treatment at all!


2024 Might Be Different

Last year might have been the first time many Californians had to buy an umbrella. It was so wet. We’re not complaining, but the Olive trees might be! 

Due to the rains, budding can begin earlier or later than the usual season. Be vigilant. 

Call your Sims Tree Health Specialist to get on the schedule as soon as possible when the first signs of budding appear on an Olive tree.


About Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.  

Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation, education, improved health, and safety of trees. Sims THS has been providing California’s Urban Forests with premium healthcare since 1972. To learn more, visit our website:

Sims THS offers services with our ISA Certified Arborists in the following: 


Diagnosis and Disease Management, Pest Suppression, Organic Solutions, Fruit Suppression, Drought Protection, and Arborist Assessment Reports and Preservation Plans. 


In addition to providing quality tree health services, the Sims family is known for their educational pursuits. In 1996, they started the Sims Tree Learning Center (TLC), a 6-acre botanical garden and research facility sponsored by Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc. The facility houses multiple types of gardens, including a cactus and succulent garden and one of the largest collections of Palms in the Inland Empire. Learn with us! 


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